Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dow Jones Industrial NOW VERY BULLISH!!

Dow Jones Industrial Chart

As I said from TECHNICAL ANALYSIS Dow Jones 90% in BULLISH TREND! First day in JUNE is big rally time, many encourage data came out before! Even GM go Bankrupt, stock market still green!

Look picture please!! First, The DARVAS BOX have been broken up by big GREEN candle. Second, Candle jump out above MOVING AVERAGE 200 LINE!! Next target will be 9061, but after this will occur Profit Take within one or two days more! But do not worry its still normal.

My analysis from year to year This month usually stocks go down, if do not go down this month, next month will be down. I am warning you there is no MARKET that is absolutely go up every months or every years!!

Check this OUT:

1.ALL BIG WORLD STOCKS (Dow Jones Industrial, Hangseng, Nikkei, etc) move above Moving Average 200!! And they are still move UP TREND!!

2.Commoditiy Channel Index still above 0 line for three months.

3.Relative Strength Index still above 50% for two months.

4.Good Momentum200 days line!!

5.Oil price Break out 60$. Now 65,5$ reach 70$ this week!

6.Gold price Break out too! Now 955$

Indonesia Stock Exchange

Compare with Indonesia Stock Exchange (IHSG)!! Buy point :

1.Within two or three days will be RED you can buy again, but sell if GREEN, as I said you can day trade!!!

2.Look “BIG CUP”, if candlestick break 2171 you can buy more!! VERY VERY GOOD CHANCE for INVEST!!

3. If Relative Strength Index reach 70% line or break below it!!


You must be CALM and PATIENT for wait that condition!! TRUST ME AND HAPPY TRADING!!! Last thing If it cannot Break 2171 point this month it can be DANGEROUS, if break BUYBUYBUY!!!!!!


Friday, June 5, 2009


Many people feel secure when they are in the mainstream. For this reason investors form a consensus opinion. They will find fact or the other people think and evidence that support their opinion. In the market this behavior leads super optimism just before crash, or super scary at the very bottom. People think reverse have good effect, and they do opposite act. Like Warren Buffet when people greedy he is afraid, when people afraid he is greedy!!

I want to tell you that CONTRARY OPINION (CO) is a good indicator tool when used properly. Unfortunately, not one investors in hundred really understand it, although every one and his or her broker wants to be sophisticated and think they are using CO. When everybody knows something, it isn’t worth knowing!!

You must understand that all kind of media is merely representing the psychology of the moment. Just be aware that’s it shows up time after in the press, and you have to learn to use it properly rather than letting it wrongly affect you. Many headlines reinforcing at the same sentiment.

From now, be aware of headlines and rumors. When this indicator finally speaks, and when it gets agreement from our other indicators, be sure that you are notice it, before its too late.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Scale out your Winners method

The effect of scaling your winners will be an increased average win while stay in your losses with risk parameters.

If you are lose and you lost a lot of money, you must exit NOW or sell all your stock portfolio. If you are win, it is the best to exit half of your stock lots if you do not sure that stocks will go up again or it is at the position at your first target!! If you win one plus one (Increase your portfolio with buy again) again, if you lose one reduce your money to buy stock or reduce your portfolio!!

You must have stop-loss price whenever you buy cheapest stocks. It can be more cheap cheapest! If the Stock price down 6% at close market from your buy point you have to sell it. Or you can set your stop loss order 3% under moving average 30 days. It is same if the stock jump up you must have target price 20%-100% or you follow technical analysis line like : Relative Strength Index, Bollinger Band, Commodity Channel Index, and etc.

Why I am write like that?? Because The Market moves down or up it does not care about your money and my money. You can not moves and predict it 100% right so you need to scale your winner method!! Do not play dumb change method every day. Stays in your method and learn from it minus and add its minus so it can reach at least 75% right or better. But YOU MUST SCALE YOUR WINNER AND BE CONSISTENT!!!